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Faster Workflow with Testdriven Development

Beitrag vom: 12.04.2022 (updated: 29.01.2023 12:07)

(english only)

Link: 2022.pycon.de/program/ADRKQZ

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In this talk I will show you, that TDD is in fact not a process for testing, but a helpful way of developing, taking away a lot of the annoying "lets open the application and see if this still works" part of development.

After this talk you will know how to apply TDD to your workflow and use it to your benefit. We will clean up the popular misconception, that TDD is a technique for testing and will have a working prototype at the end.


In this talk I showed how to do a minimal url shortener with fastapi/pytest and in style of TDD. It was almost succesful, as I did not expect so many questions ;).

In general I was far too nervous to do a good job, and even though people complimented me, I think I could have done a much better job!

Learning for me: 1h 30min was too little time to dive deep into the TDD methodology. 2h would have been perfect.

My own expectation to improve this after I changed jobs with a lot of new stuff to learn.

Will there be a proper course?

Most likely, but for non conference usage I would rather do a more intense 2-4h course where I'd also cover issues like database migration and deployment.

But can I see it?

Yes, if you must :D. But beware: My english was very rusty as I haven't spoken english about 1-2 years before that. I'm super glad it got better again with my new job :)